THE Outdoor Fitness Center – more than a bootcamp, more than a gym

    • Get the structure of our proprietary 10 Zone System.
    • No set class times – walk in and get started on your schedule.
    • Have guidance from our certified trainers at no extra cost.
    • Get nutrition coaching to learn how to eat for maximum fat loss.
    • New workouts everyday to keep your workouts fun and engaging.
    • Feel welcomed and be part of our encouraging community.
    • Family-friendly, so you’re welcome to bring your kids!

All this and more at Body Therapeutix, your Outdoor Fitness Center in Pembroke Pines


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The Warm Up

ZONE 1 - The Warm Up

This Zone is dedicated to getting your body primed and ready for the workout. – This will increase movement of blood through your tissues, making the muscles more pliable and increase delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

Resistance Training

ZONES 2-4 - Resistance Training

These Zones are designed to help your body build lean muscle which burns fat and tones your body. You will use a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, suspension straps and more to improve strength.

Cardio Intervals

ZONES 5-8 - Cardio Intervals

These Zones are designed to get your body to burn fat and improve your endurance. In our outdoor fitness center we use a boot camp style efficiency to get your heart rate in ultimate fat burning zone.

ZONES 9-10
Core and Yoga

ZONES 9-10 - Core and Yoga

These Zones are dedicated to the Core and Flexibility. Zone 9 focuses on tightening and strengthening the abs & core. Zone 10 focuses on Yoga inspired movements to help strengthen your joints and increases your flexibility while rejuvenating your body.

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Outdoor Fitness Center and Weight Loss   –   Outdoor Fitness Center and Weight Loss   –   Outdoor Fitness Center and Weight Loss

Body Therapeutix, the outdoor weight loss center is a great fitness experience! I used to go to a gym, but they don’t have a clue as to who I am. I’m just a number for them… I would never use a gym again!!! The trainers at Body Therapeutix treat you with respect, one-to-one attention and a lot of motivation! Women workout, men and kids. My whole family has become more active, and experience as a whole is great because they are a family friendly place!! Jason, the owner, helped to teach me, along with my husband, the proper foods to eat. They provide full body workouts; It’s a mix of strength, a cardio workout (beats a treadmill!) and core. We love Body Therapeutix!!!
Diana M. – Pembroke Pines


I love working out here! I’ve tried other boot camps Pembroke Pines has and I’ve found that Body Therapeutix is the only place I will get up early for. Great crew and a great group of people plus really awesome workout routines which make for good workouts! Their outdoor workout stations beat the typical gym exercises I used to do by a long shot.
Clary F. – Pembroke Pines