The Initial Cost of Investing in a Body Therapeutix Fitness Franchise

Body Therapeutix fitness is a “think-outside-the-gym”, outdoor fitness center concept. Founded in 2013 and have doubled our business every year with no sign of slowing down.

We offer a great way for both experienced and first-time entrepreneurs to combine a passion for fitness with a lucrative business investment.

If you’re looking for low-cost franchise opportunities, it’s hard to beat the success of Body Therapeutix Outdoor Fitness Center model. This is a low-cost gym franchise model that stands out from the crowd: our unique approach to fitness uses proven, cutting-edge strategies to deliver outstanding results to our members.

Opening and operating a Body Therapeutix fitness center is surprisingly simple. Even if it’s your very first franchise, we’ll be on hand to walk you through the entire process. Best of all, are the low start-up costs and low overhead costs of opening a Body Therapeutix fitness center. The unique Body Therapeutix approach to fitness makes it an exceptionally low-cost gym franchise, especially when compared with more traditional, machine-focused gyms.

  • Body Therapeutix uses a strength & HIIT training type of routine which minimizes the need for expensive gym equipment.
  • Body Therapeutix prides themselves on their world-class support. Being in the fitness industry for over 10 years, they’ve seen so many big name franchises over-promising and under-delivering, leaving the franchisee left to seek outside help from consultants and coaches. BT franchise is the solution to that industry wide problem.
  • No fitness or franchise experience is needed to be a Body Therapeutix owner: just people skills and passion for fitness!

A Low Cost Fitness Franchise

To open your Body Therapeutix fitness franchise, you can expect to pay between $44,000 and $90,500 in total initial costs. Those numbers include everything from the initial franchise fee to the grand opening kit, from working capital to insurance. We’ve worked up these numbers based on a 1200-1600 square-foot fitness center. Compared with other low-cost franchise opportunities, Body Therapeutix fitness keeps things small and lets you focus on your product. In a small space, with a small staff, you can quickly amass a dependable group of long-term members.

  • Most Body Therapeutix fitness centers need only 1000 to 1500 square feet of space.
  • The initial franchise fee is $24,900 and just $12,500 for any additional unit.
  • For questions about running your low-cost fitness franchise, Body Therapeutix Corporate Staff are available to answer any questions, any time, Monday through Friday.

The initial cost projection that we provide includes everything you need to open for business. Among the costs it covers are lease deposits, insurance, location improvements, external signage, equipment shipping and handling, business licenses and professional fees and your security and media package. For an especially low-cost fitness franchise, you can enjoy becoming profitable at a much faster rate than most other franchises. For a more grand experience, you may opt for an even larger center than the 1,200-1600 square feet we estimate.

  • The grand opening kit covers marketing materials, equipment, inventory and turf flooring costs.
  • The Body Therapeutix fitness franchise term lasts 10 years.
  • Once you’re up and running, look to membership, merchandise, and supplement sales to deliver most of your profits.