Telemundo at Body Therapeutix – Getting Fit with the Outdoor Gym in Pembroke Pines

A few weeks ago Telemundo 51 came to Body Therapeutix to do a story on the amazing results the outdoor fitness center has been giving local Pembroke Pines and Miramar residents.

What really caught the attention of the community has been the convenience of the Body Therapeutix 45 minute fitness circuit. Not only has it been providing local residents with a fun and energetic alternative to the standard big box gyms, but the no set class times allow for members to work out on their own schedule.

Best of all are the motivating personal trainers they have on hand to guide you and help you get the most out of your workout.

Interview at Body Therapeutix

Body Therapeutix member Jill W. says:

“Body Therapeutix was an amazing find for me! I’ve been coming since late January and each workout is completely different so I’m constantly challenged while seeing gains at the same time. Being able to jump into my workout every 4 minutes and not having a set start time enables me to make the absolute most of my time each morning. The instruction that Jason provides is motivating and further challenges me. Friendly atmosphere where in 45 minutes I’ve started my day off making myself important and feeling ready to give my best to my kids and my job. Body Therapeutix has become my happy place while totally kicking my butt…best of both worlds!”

Here’s what Body Therapeutix owner Jason Meland had to say. “Our goal has been to provide an outdoor alternative to the standard gyms in Pembroke Pines. We wanted a place where people of all fitness levels could come to get a great workout experience and get in the best shape of their lives!”

Check out the video below which is on Telemundo’s website.

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