Have you or anyone you know ever gotten results from working out and then a few month (or years) later, ended up back at square 1?

Here is why and how to make sure it NEVER happens to again.

The Global Problem


We lose about 30% of our muscle as we get older. After the age of 30, we lose close to half a pound of muscle per year. Even if we stay at the same exact body weight throughout our lifetime, fat replaces muscle tissue. All of this may lead to cardiovascular problems, poor functioning of organs such as the liver, brain, heart and reduced hormonal secretion. As a result our bodies go from firm to flabby as we lose our strength, feel, look and become older.


Muscle loss not only causes all of these problems but also results in a lowered metabolism (the rate at which we burn food for energy). Research shows that one-pound of muscle burns approximately 50 to 100 calories per day. Unfortunately, for every pound of muscle you lose, it becomes easier to gain fat even when your food intake remains the same, as you are now burning less calories for energy. On average over our lifetime, muscle loss slows down your metabolism by as much as 45%. Ultimately, you develop soft, flabby fat where you once had youthful, toned muscle.

The Big Mistake


When people start realizing they’re becoming overweight, they generally start doing aerobics. Doing cardiovascular activities does burn calories, if the calorie intake stays constant, does cause weight loss. The issue is, most of this weight loss comes from muscle. Since body fat is burned by your muscles, they are the one thing you cannot afford to lose.


Eating too little calories will cause weight loss, but once again much of this is muscle tissue. Studies show that low calorie weight-loss diets cause people to lose up to 90% of their weight from muscle, including from their vital organs. Such plans include diets with too few calories and macro nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate), causing your body to use its own muscle for fuel. When you lose muscle tissue in this way, your body composition becomes similar to that of an old person. This is what we call “Skinny Fat”.


Science shows us that any form of exercising or dieting that causes us to lose muscle is a serious step in the wrong direction. In fact, you are actually breaking down the lean, toned body you hoped to achieve. Losing muscle is extremely damaging to your health, including your immune system and greatly accelerates the rate at which you age. Due to misinformation you have speeded up the ageing process, in spite of all your sacrifice, willpower and hard work.

The Real Solution


Doing 60 minutes of cardio would burn around 400 to 500 calories per day. Once you stop the activity, your body stops burning calories. But anyone who focuses exclusively on the number of calories burned while exercising is missing the bigger picture, i.e. the amount of calories you burn while resting!

By adding just 10 pounds of muscle your body burns between 500 to 1000 calories per day – even during sleep, driving to work, or while watching TV. Think of muscle as a furnace in which you burn calories.


The solution to all of this is to regain or maintain your muscle. If you have or are currently losing muscle, it’s time to rejuvenate your body. It’s crucial that you gain back the muscle you have lost.

Even if you are young and beginning to become overweight, you need to increase your muscle to correct this problem. If you are already in good shape, the best step towards anti-aging and fat gain that you can take, is to continue to hold onto your invaluable muscle. In short, your muscles are your best defense against aging and body fat.

This is part of the science behind how we designed our 10 Zone Circuit System. If you build it (lean muscle), it will burn (bodyfat).

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