Lose Fat, Build Lean Muscle & Get Healthy at the Outdoor Fitness Center in Pembroke Pines.

♦ Certified Trainers Included ♦

♦ No Set Class Times ♦

♦ Workouts Change Daily ♦

♦ Nutrition Coaching ♦

♦ All Fitness Levels ♦

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The best 45 minutes of your day!

  • Motivating Atmosphere

    Our certified trainers are always on hand to help guide you and to be that spark of motivation when you need it most. We make you feel like family. No other gym offers the Body Therapeutix Experience as THE Outdoor Fitness Center in Pembroke Pines covering Miramar and West Broward County!

  • The Convenience You Want

    With no set class times, you can workout on your schedule. A new circuit starts every 4 minutes, so you are never late!

  • Nutrition Coaching

    You’ll learn exactly what and how you need to be eating to maximize your results.

  • Outstanding Results

    You deserve to look and feel your best and as a result, our certified trainers tailor the workout to suit your specific needs.

  • Workouts Change Daily

    Each day is a new workout consequently keeping things fun and you from getting bored.

  • Personalized Programs

    Because you’re in your own Zone, you’ll feel like you’re getting the attention of a personal 1-on-1 trainer without the intimidation and high cost.

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Think Outside the Gym!

We’re more than just an outdoor fitness center. We’re therapy for your whole body and mind.

Body Therapeutix is THE outdoor fitness center in Pembroke Pines. We are committed to providing you with welcoming, friendly, and fun 45 min outdoor workouts. With no set class times and the guidance of our certified trainers, we make it easy for you to reach your fitness goals.

We developed the 10 Zone Circuit System to help you burn fat, build lean muscle, and feel rejuvenated all while enjoying the fresh outdoor air. Our certified personal trainers customize your workouts and give you the personalized attention you deserve, at no extra cost.

“At first I was looking for a gym in Miramar, or really any fitness center near me.

Then I stumbled across Body Therapeutix through a friend and now I’m in LOVE! Not only are the personal trainers constantly observing proper form, but they also help you keep motivated. Unlike any other gym near me, the workouts are always different and you never get bored. Everyone is always so welcoming, especially the trainers. I used to go to an LA Fitness where the fitness instruction from a trainer was really expensive and kind of monotonous. This is the perfect change from the typical gym fitness type atmosphere. By far the best gym in Broward!

Marsha B., Miami
We can’t be defined as a gym, boot camp, fitness club, or one of those “typical” fitness classes for that matter. We’re an outdoor fitness experience providing an alternative to people tired of the boring big box gyms and expensive studios. Our outdoor fitness program is for people ready to step outside and get results with a fun and effective 45 minute outdoor workout. We are THE outdoor fitness center in Pembroke Pines. Come and check us out!
Think Outside The Gym - Come to THE fitness center in Pembroke PinesThink Outside The Gym - Come to THE fitness center in Pembroke Pines


For results, come to the fitness center in Pembroke Pines   –    For results, come to the fitness center in Pembroke Pines   –   For results - come to the fitness center in Pembroke Pines

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