My American Ninja Warrior Lesson Learned

One of the biggest lessons learned from being on the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior is to trust your gut and natural instincts.

The obstacle that I fell on was a very technical obstacle. It required that you lift the ring up and back (to get it out of the hook) while kipping your hips up and forward (to move towards the second hook).

I knew instinctively that I needed to release the ring and swing to the second hook on my first attempt…

I also knew from previous experience that with a 2nd backswing, I was more prone to mistime the release and get hung up on the hook. A lot of other ninjas gave me some solid advice before hand…

This advice was much appreciated, so I was trying to use it to my advantage.

Here was the problem though… It wasn’t time for me to try and learn a new technique. While the advice I was getting was great… it wasn’t “right” for ME. Especially not moments before my official run… learning new techniques takes weeks if not months!

The lesson I personally learned the hard way on the biggest stage of my life thus far… and the lesson I want to give to you (this applies to any area of your life… not just ninja)…

Is to TRUST YOURSELF. Trust your gut. Trust your natural abilities.

It’s OK to learn from others and apply what they teach… just not hours before your BIG moment.

That will cause you to OVERTHINK things.

The time to learn new techniques and strategies for success are the weeks and months leading up to your BIG moment. Your brain and body need time to create that new habit (or in my case ‘movement’) to become natural when performing. (For me, I’m a very strong and explosive ninja)

I knew my strengths. I knew what I was capable of… I knew my timing was on point during my FIRST swing. But when I was in the midst of it, I overthought the move… I didn’t trust myself and paid the price.

But it’s okay.

Every failure is a lesson learned towards your success.

I know I won’t ever make that mistake again… I will be back stronger than ever.

And so, will you.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed in the past.

The present is NOW. You make the choices. So, trust your gut. Trust your natural abilities and never give up.

Go create your successful future.

Dedicate to your success,

Jason Meland aka “the electric ninja”

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