I am super excited about January’s member of the month at Body Therapeutix. Maria R. has been a true inspiration for all the people around her. She is a hard working woman, mother, and wife. She has shown that true commitment to your health can pay HUGE dividends. We are so grateful to have Maria as part of our Body T family. Here is her story in her own words…

“So I have always had thirst for having a healthy lifestyle but to be honest it’s tough to meal prep and excise when you have a family.

In 2008 I had my 1st son and gained 45lbs, I felt so bad and was not a happy camper as I was really overweight when previously I was at my best weight ever so I decided to join a program for weight loss and managed to loss 50lbs I kept active but still had 20 lbs lingering and found it harder and harder to loss those. I then became pregnant again in 2016 with my 2nd child and I refused to gain unhealthy weight so I continued to be active throughout my pregnancy, I only gained 25 lbs in total and lost 20 in the first 2 weeks after giving birth. It felt great! but bad news was I still had those 20 lbs to loose from pre pregnancy…. I decided to really get rid of these after I stopped breastfeeding which was 1 year exactly after giving birth and I started searching for trainers or bootcamps and I came across Body T. It has been the BEST decision I have made as loosing those 20 lbs is no longer my obsession, I now focus more on strength, endurance and resistance to in turn be able to loose body fat, that is my new goal, the weight comes off once I have that in place 🙂 the trainers are amazing and so very helpful, I am very pleased with their service!!

I have learned that we have to find the time in our day to be able to work on our personal goals otherwise these will not be reached, so, I decided to make sure and plan ahead to exercise and prep for meals to make sure I do not loose my focus on what that long term goal is. So word of the year is PLAN… PLAN …PLAN I cant stress that enough as it works in every area of life wether is weight, finances, travel, etc…

Today, I am 9lbs away from my goal weight and 3% away from the body fat% I should be in and I feel AMAZING!!!

Thank you Body Therapeutix and all the staff for all your support!!!!!!” ~ Maria Rojas

If you would like to kickstart your own success story and/or become our next featured member of the month just reach out and I can set you up with a success session.