Each month we love to spotlight a member, who we vote on as a staff, that has demonstrated consistency, results, and continued progress.

We truly believe and promote, that to achieve ANY outcome, you MUST focus on the process (aka habits) that will lead you to your goal. And this month Marcela is the perfect example of that. As she says, “She is a work in progress”

She shows up 4-5x a week consistently, and is close to hitting her 100th visit!! 🙌🏻 We are super grateful to have Marcela as a member of the BT family!!

While we have sooo many dedicated and AMAZING members in the Body T community… Marcela stood out to us because of her commitment to her workouts. She has built fitness as a routine in her daily life and her amazing results are proof of that, having dropped in body fat percentage and inches!

Read on about Marcela’s story in her own words..

“My name is Marcela, I am 52 years old, married, two kids and working in the Cosmetic field for more than 14 years. I have been working out regularly for the last 5 years, but for some reason I was not having the results I was looking for until now. Thanks to an invitation from my friend Lilliana, I joined Body Therapeutix in May this year and I liked the program immediately. 

My goal with the exercise is not only to stay in shape, but also to keep myself healthy and away from some illnesses that run in my family (Diabetes, Arthritis, Cardiac problems, High Blood pressure…). I committed myself to do everything in my strength to stay away from visiting the Doctor’s office for nothing else than annual check ups. So far, so good…. I have always thought that we can decide how fast or slow the aging process will happen, as unstoppable as it is.

I have been coming to the program for 6 months now (almost everyday with very few skips), and what I like the most is noticing how adaptable the program is to individual’s capacities, strengths and injuries. There are a few exercises I can’t do, but my coach Angel is always caring and pending on giving me something different to do, equivalent in effort and results. I feel like having a personal trainer who cares for my wellness; it’s awesome, and I really appreciate it. Before this program, thinking about waking up early in the morning to exercise was a big NO for me….now, I’m jumping out of the bed and running to my early appointment with my health. I already made a habit of it, and I feel great!

Also, I love the idea of not having the stress of running to get on time for a class, being able to workout at my own pace, and repeating (or not) one station if I feel like it. Noticing the changes all over my body is really great! I have now some Abs I never had before, my legs are becoming stronger, my low back pain (which I had since I gave birth my first child 28 year ago) is almost gone, my arms are starting to show a very nice shape, and my energy levels are higher. I was thrilled the day I could start doing push-ups normally and not on my knees……Step by step I have been pushing myself to do an extra effort, and my body is responding easily every time. 

Finally, I enjoy the fact of sharing my “Me-time” with people who come not to ‘show off’, but to take care of themselves, have similar mindsets, and push hard for that extra-mile of positive outcomes. Sharing with people of every age working hard to achieve their goals, keeps me inspired and focused. Plus, I’ve had the opportunity to meet wonderful beings, have fun, and laugh a little…”

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