I am so excited to share with you our February Member of the Month!

Lisa K. has been a Body T member for just a couple month but has shown what it takes to achieve goals. She has demonstrated perseverance, commitment to herself, and the willingness to want to learn & implement new healthy habits.

With what we’ve seen already from her in the last couple months… I can’t wait to see her continued success and results in the months to come!

Check out this Q&A interview with Lisa below on what keeps her motivated to reaching her goals.

Q: What is your favorite inspirational quote?

“Move it or lose it”..this keeps me motivated to stay active so my body keeps up with my mind and spirit. I don’t ever want to loose the ability to keeping moving forward in my dreams, goals or the ability to have an active lifestyle.

Q: What ONE thing keeps you most focused and motivated to continue to work hard to reach your goals?

My son, my only child. He is in the Air Force and is a Firefighter. I want to be here to see him continue to achieve his goals in life as well as mine! It’s been fun to connect with him now on a “fitness” level and his pride of what I have accomplished so far keeps me motivated to keep going.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started with us?

Since my mid-forties, I have slowly gained weight that I have not been able to take off with “clean” eating alone. I tried several diet plans that only led to minimal weight loss and then regained back. Exercise has been limited due to a double ACL repair on my knee that caused me to have a mental block and a fear of re-injury. I was also tired of being “tired” all the time and knew I needed to make a commitment to changing my outlook. I didn’t want the past failures hold me back any longer or continue to be my excuse to not exercise, so I overcame the first hurdle of not doing anything at all to making the decision I can, I just needed to find the right program and support.

Q: How has Body Therapeutix made a difference in your life?

Body T and all the staff have given me the confidence that I can do this and I’m beginning to see small changes in just two months. Although I am not where I thought I would be at this point, I am pleased with the increase in my energy level, my strength, the stability of my knee and the way my clothes fit or don’t fit anymore!! ๐Ÿ™‚ The food and nutrition support has also been an added bonus. The recipes are awesome and it’s helped me to learn portion control as well as consider what I choose to eat. I know it took a long time to put the weight on, and it’s going to take time to get it off. As Jason says, “time and consistency is the key”.

Q: What is your โ€œwordโ€ of the year?!

My mantra for this year is “You got this..” When I am pushing myself during a workout I repeat this over and over. The way I see it I made it through the first three weeks which is the roughest part, I can certainly handle whatever the trainers challenge me to do!

Q. What made you decide to want to join Body Therapeutix?

I tried the “gym” thing and felt lost! I would walk in and just go to the treadmill because I didn’t know how to use the equipment or know any exercises that I could do that would accommodate my knee injury. The price for personal trainers was out of my price range, so I quit. I knew I needed a workout program that would keep my interest, challenge me, have trainer assistance, and has a social / support atmosphere without judgment…that is what I saw the very first night I did a trial run through the circuit. I knew it was the “right fit” for me and that has kept me motivated and accountable to staying consistent. I WANT to workout now and it’s not something I dread.

Q. What would you say to someone on the fence about making a change & committing to their goals

YOU GOT THIS!! It’s a process that requires your 100% commitment. Begin small and only do what you can handle, slow and steady wins the race!