Every month at Body Therapeutix we LOVE to highlight one of our amazing members for their commitment, consistency and results. This last month we voted to spotlight Karen Altman!

Karen is such a great example of the great results you can achieve when consistent with your workouts. We are super grateful to have her as a member of the BT family.

Here’s some of what motivates Karen in her own words…

Q: What is your favorite inspirational quote?

A: My favorite inspiration quote is from the Bible.  It is Psalm 118:24 (NRSV) “This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  It is a reminder to me not to waste the day and to look for goodness in the world and others.

Q: What ONE thing keeps you most focused and motivated to continue to work hard to reach your goals? 

A: In regard to goals regarding my physical health, my Mom is my inspiration.  The last several years were very difficult for her as her bones crumbled and she lost mobility due to pain, congestive heart failure and COPD.  I want keep my bones, heart and respiratory system healthy.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started with us? 

A: I got started with Body Therapeutix because one of the Pastor’s at my church joined and invited me to join.  She made a big difference in her physical health which was an inspiration to me.  After sitting in front of a computer for 20 years testing software and trying various ways to try to be in shape, I decided to give it a try.

Q: How has Body Therapeutix made a difference in your life? 

A: There are many ways that Body Therapeutix has made a positive difference in my life.  As someone who has never been even a little bit athletic, I have been surprised to find that I have muscle tone that never thought I would have.  The hard physical workouts help to boost my mood.  I’m proud of myself for sticking to it (starting in February of this year until now.)  

Q: What kinds of milestones have you accomplished and what specific results have you achieved so far? 

A: I am not an ideal Body Therapeutix example.  I have certainly seen a difference in the way my clothes fit and I can see the change in muscle tone.  But, I haven’t been diligent in a before and after photo or taking measurements consistently.  Since my main goal is improved health as opposed to decreased weight on the scale, the measurements are a secondary concern for me. However, I did think of a specific achievement: he first time I tried doing plank push ups I could barely do 3. Last week I did 2 sets of 15. ☺

Q: What made you decide to want to join Body Therapeutix?

A: I’ve tried a number of different things, including a traditional gym, Pilates, yoga, jogging, walking, etc.  But, they either didn’t offer enough exercise, weren’t effective or I didn’t really enjoy it, so I didn’t continue.  So I thought let me give this a try and see.

Q: What would you say to someone on the fence about making a change & committing to their goals?

A: When I first tried Body Therapeutix, I was skeptical and not at all sure that I would be able to afford it, or to survive the summer heat and humidity.  But, I realized that my health is an important investment and it may help to decrease my medical bills in the long run.  One of the main reasons that I love and continue to come to Body Therapeutix is I don’t have to show up at any particular time and I can stay for as long as I want.  No excuse for being late by 10 minutes for a class, so I just won’t go today.  I love having the coaches create the workouts that focus on different parts of my body.  I love having someone there to make sure that I’m doing the exercise correctly and will help with modifications, if needed.  I love not doing the same routine(s) day after day.  I love the way that I feel and the fact that my clothes are fitting better than they had been.  And I love during Station 9 being able to look up into the beautiful sky as I tone my abs.

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