“Whatever you do, do it well.” -Walt Disney

Every month we LOVE to highlight one of our amazing members for their commitment, consistency and results. This month we decided as a team to highlight Joanna P. She has been such an amazing inspiration in the Body T community.

Here is Joanna’s story in her own words:

“I started with Body Therapeutix Fitness with a goal of getting in a better shape and just becoming a healthier person.  I noticed that my desk job was causing me a lot of lower back issues and that it was getting worse.  I talked to a physical therapist and they advised me that this was due to the weakened muscles in my glute and core area.  Working out at Body T has helped me to get these areas stronger and ever since signing up with Body T I have not seen a day with back pain! 

My favorite quote is “whatever you do, do it well.”  I try to apply that to everything I do, even training at Body Therapeutix.  As I enter the Body T “zone” I forget about work, personal life and everything else.  I only focus on the workout at hand and I believe that that has helped me reach my goals much quicker. 

Body Therapeutix is a flexible workout facility.  I never have to worry about missing a class or being late from one since I can show up to the workout at my own convenience.  I also love the fact that you can perform the workouts at your own pace.  If you are a beginner or have suffered an injury, they can always modify the workouts for you.  Or, if you are more advanced and are looking for challenging workouts, they will help you with that as well.  There is always a trainer around to answer any questions you may have regarding either the workouts or even advice on diets that can help you reach your goals.  And last but not least, the environment is super friendly and positive and you can make new friends while working out!”

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