Here’s how Delana, a busy professional & hard-working mom, lost 45 lbs in just a few months!

Delana is such an inspiration and the reason why we (fitness coaches) LOVE our job. She has overcome many obstacles such as time, motivation, and accountability to accomplish her most recent fitness milestone of losing 45 lbs, gaining more energy, and regaining her health. Read how she did it…

“Knowing I would be celebrating my 50th birthday in September, at the beginning of 2017 I decided it was time for a change. I recognized that several years of caring for an aging parent, raising a rowdy teenager, and working a stressful job had taken a toll. Responsibilities of life had taken over and I had lost track of myself. I had gained 80 lbs, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and my doctor had expressed concern about how my weight and eating habits would impact my health in the long term. I knew I needed to make some changes but still I struggled to stay motivated, failed to hold myself accountable, and could not stick to a meal plan. I knew I needed support…and then I found Body Therapeutix!

I started working out at BT in May. I liked the idea of being outside and I liked the flexibility of starting the circuit at anytime rather than having to arrive at a specific time for a scheduled class. I also noticed that there were a variety of people of all ages and fitness levels so it did not feel intimidating to join the group. The workout was difficult in the beginning and I had to modify most of the exercises to accommodate my level of fitness. Jason and the BT staff were always there to show me how I could safely modify the activity or substitute another in its place. I also travel quite a bit for work and Jason was happy to support me by providing a series of take home workouts that I could use while traveling. Jason also provided great tips, recipes, and encouragement via email and FaceBook, all of which helped keep me motivated.

The results have been nothing short of amazing! I have lost 45lbs so far, but even more important, I am healthier and have more energy. I can tell that I am stronger, more fit, and I recover faster from the workouts. I know that I would not have achieved the same level of health and fitness by just changing my diet alone. And, I know that I would not have stuck it out through the hot summer months without the great support and encouragement from the BT staff and community. Now that I can see and feel the results, I know I will continue to workout to improve my fitness and maintain my health. I have also been inspired by the hard work and results I have seen in other BT community members who have been working out alongside me over the past few months. What a great group of people!

My experience has been and my advice to others is that consistency beats intensity. Set a goal, believe in yourself, and then be consistent. You will see the results!”

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