How Visualization and Imagination Got Me on American Ninja Warrior

I’ve been visualizing getting on American Ninja Warrior every single morning for 1 year straight.

If you’ve read my previous article, then you know I almost had my shot last year, but unfortunately wasn’t able to run the course due to weather conditions.

I read a lot of business books and one of the #1 strategies the most successful people in the world do daily is visualize their desired outcomes…

So, I decided to go ALL in and make visualization a habit.

I mean… visualizing myself achieving my dreams and goals makes me really happy, so no matter what, its set’s my day up on a positive note.

I wake up, put on some morning meditation music, close my eyes and imagine every aspect of what my experience would be like.

I adapt my visualization to the situation.

Initially, I was visualizing myself getting the “CALL” from production and then went into imagining everything about my course run, etc.

When I didn’t receive the ‘call-back’, I then changed my visualization to winning their new lottery walk-on system and then went into imagining my course run, etc.

I think the key here is to really FEEL the emotions that you would expect to feel when you actually achieve what your visualizing about.

The mind works in mysterious ways.

The more we can imagine and truly feel what we want… the more we condition our minds to take the necessary actions we need to achieve those goals.

Think about when you want a new vehicle, you begin seeing that vehicle all over the road. You begin saving the money you need. Things just line up for you.

Our thoughts create our actions.

I believe Buddha said it best “The mind is everything. You become what you think.”

So why not consciously think about the things you want?

If I didn’t visualize myself getting on American Ninja Warrior every day for a year… do you think I would’ve flown to Atlanta and put my name in a walk-on lottery amongst 103 other ninjas?

Answer is probably no.

In fact, I made the final decision to fly out to ATL just a week before the filming.

But I knew deep down in my heart that I would get picked.

I already had in my mind. I had felt the excitement of my name being called. I saw my name in bright lights on the big stage. I saw myself running the course. I felt the crowd cheering my name.

If there’s something you want to achieve (BIG or small), I challenge you to visualize it.

Don’t hold back. Don’t fear failure.

Dream BIG my friends and Imagine Your Ideal Life.