Your Fitness Action Plan

Welcome to 2019!

This is going to be an incredible year for you if you let it.

Did you reach all of your 2018 goals (fitness, health, lifestyle, family, etc.)?

If you did, great! If not, it’s time to learn from those failures so we can see the success we’d like to.

Here is how to create your 2019 fitness action in the most simple way possible (remember, simple is a good thing):

  1. Your Vision
  2. Your WHY
  3. Your Action Plan
  4. Your Accountability Plan
  5. Reflection

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Let’s start with your vision. Ask yourself the following questions, “What does success in my fitness and health look like for me in 2019?” “How do I want my body to look and feel?” Write the answers to these questions down in detail.


Once you know your Vision (or your BIG goal for yourself), it’s time to uncover your REAL reason why.

This is one of the most important steps you can take.

Ask yourself, “What fires me up about wanting to achieve my vision?” “Why do I really want to achieve my goal in the first place?”… and don’t settle for a generic answer… force yourself to write down the exact reason WHY you want to look and feel the way your vision states.

For example, If your goal is to lose 20 lbs and tone up your body… your reason WHY could be because you’re tired of not fitting in your clothes anymore, you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and you want to teach your kids positive lifestyle choices.

Whatever it is, be sure that it fires you up when you read it. (this will help along your journey).

I want you to commit to reading your VISION, GOALS, AND WHY EVERYDAY.


Once you have your Vision and WHY clear… it’s time to start with the actionable steps you’ll need to reach it.

The most simple way to build your action plan is to start with your BIG vision goal.

Using our example above, if your goal was to lose 20 lbs and tone up your body, what are 3 actionable process goals you can choose that will bring you closer that vision?

It could be committing to a workout routine (like Body Therapeutix) 3-4x a week, eating healthy meals 6 days a week, and sleeping 50 hours a week.

Once you’ve identified 3 actionable process goals, it’s time to break down exactly what you’ll do to reach those weekly.

It could be signing up for a membership and blocking off the days you’ll be working out in your calendar, meal prepping 2x a week to ensure you have healthy meals ready to go, and going to bed 30-minutes earlier every night.

Whatever it is for you, make sure it’s realistic and sustainable habit that you can keep for the long-term.


Accountability is the glue that will hold your fitness action plan together.

Part of why joining a program like we have at Body Therapeutix is the accountability.

No matter what though, you should have someone to report too every week. Whether it’s a fitness coach, your spouse, best friend, neighbor, etc.

When we meet with members at Body T, I like to do a body fat test, weigh-in, talk about any struggles going on that may be preventing results, and of course recognizing progress of all the results that person has achieved that given week/month.

The point is… having a solid accountability plan is crucial to your fitness success.


A philosophy that I’ve bought into in the last couple years is the 1% better philosophy. This is where every day, you strive to become 1% better than you were yesterday. After a year of taking these small steps, you’ll see monumental gains in relation to your goal and life.

An important part of your action plan is taking the time to self-reflect at the end of each week.

What went well? What did you struggle with? What should you do more of next week? What should you do less of?

Did you hit your # of workouts for the week? Did you hit your nutrition plan goal?

These are just a few ideas of questions you can ask yourself.

And BE SURE TO RECOGNIZE YOUR HARD WORK! It’s easy to feel frustrated and feed into our own negative self-talk. But I urge you to take notice of your weekly wins. Pat yourself on the back when you hit your workout goal, when you get a little stronger, when you eat a healthy meal… these are small things that will lead to your big VISION.



Get clear on what you want your body to look and feel like

Know your WHY

Create a simple action plan comprised of 3 habit goals

Find accountability (either a fitness coach or friend/family)

Recognize and reflect on your wins

Now get out there with your Fitness Action Plan and CRUSH 2019!

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