Body Therapeutix Fitness 7 Steps to Long Lasting Results…

Step 1: A Personal Success Session

We start everybody off with a personal Success Session. During this 45-60 minute meeting with one of our coaches we’ll learn more about you, see what you’re looking for, answer your questions, and give you an overview of what we would recommend for you.


Step 2: Your Game Plan for Success

From the very first day we set you up on a membership, everything is figured out for you. From your nutrition, fitness, and supplements, everything is fine tuned and planned out specifically for you and your fitness goal. We’ll guide you as to when to come and of course what to do when you’re here.

Our personal approach and focus on our clients is what makes us different.

We do not simply sign you up, take your money and throw you out on the floor to figure it out.

We’re going to come up with a plan that is specific to you, your goals, your history, injuries, and interests.

Ultimately what you need to get results may be different than the person next to you, so we’re going to come up with the best plan for YOUR success.

Step 3: You Work With Our Coaches At Every Workout

Every single one of your workouts is supervised by one of our Body Therapeutix coaches!

We’re open from 5:00 am-10 am & 5 pm-830 pm, Monday-Friday and Saturdays 7:00 am – 10:00 am. And the best part… We have NO SET CLASS TIMES so you never have to worry about being late to your workout.

Zone 1 – Dynamic Warm-UP: to get your body warm and ready
Zone 2-5 – Strength & Resistance Training: to build lean muscle & tighten your body
Zone 6-8 – Cardio Intervals – to burn fat & increase your energy
Zone 9-10 – Core & Yoga – to strengthen your core and stretch you out

Step 4: We Check-In Consistently

In addition to your supervised workouts, all our members receive regular check-ins called Blueprint Strategy Sessions.

These meetings occur each month as an opportunity to sit down, see what’s going well, what you’re struggling with, and answer what questions you have.

We also use this time to chat nutrition, take progress measurements, and create a plan of attack for the next month.

Step 5: Your Plan Evolves With You

Your program evolves based on how you and your body are responding, as well as information collected during your workouts and regularly scheduled Blueprint Strategy Sessions with our coaches. We will shape and change your plan, whether it’s adopting a new habit, progressing your workouts, or even changing your nutrition. This helps ensure that you get the results you desire.

In life… Things will inevitably change.

Whether it’s a modification because of an injury, a tweak because things aren’t working, or you have a new goal you want to go after, we’ll keep your plan evolving with you.

Step 6: You Become a Part of The #BodyTherapeutixTribe

As a member of Body Therapeutix, you are part of our family… our tribe.

We are here to help you with not only the exercise routines, but also the other keys to your success; nutrition guidance, stress management, and whatever else we can do to help.

Our team knows every client by first name, what they like to do for fun, and learn about their family and work life.

You’ll get to know other Body T members that are going through similar journeys and connect with them outside of the fitness center.

We host charity events, social outings, educational seminars / workshops, and engage with you outside of the gym through our members-only Facebook group.

The bottom line is fitness should be fun. It should be safe. It should be individualized. Our goal is to provide a fun and uplifting atmosphere while being one of the best parts of your day.

Step 7: We Help You Create Positive Lasting Changes…

That’s why we do what we do. To help you develop the positive lasting habits that will keep you healthy and fit for life.

We’re on a mission to positively impact the health, fitness, and happiness of as many people as possible.

We don’t just want you to join our fitness center.

We don’t just want to give you workouts.

We want to positively impact your life.

We share resources such as success guidebooks, meal plans, daily emails, workshops & seminars… Our goal is to get you to your results AND have you keep them for life!