About Us

Body Therapeutix workouts use a unique blend of strength and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio fitness training methods in our proprietary 10 Zone Circuit system. Customers move between 10 different workout stations called zones while supervised by a fitness coach. We’re more than just an outdoor fitness center. We’re therapy for your whole body and mind.

The mission is simple…to positively impact the community by empowering people to reach their fitness goals and live healthy lifestyles. What started as an idea, has now turned into a fitness movement.


We can’t be defined as a gym, boot camp, fitness club, or one of those “typical” fitness classes for that matter. We’re an outdoor fitness experience providing an alternative to people tired of the boring big box gyms and expensive studios. Our outdoor fitness program works with an interval timer and stays open in four-hour blocks. This allows clients to arrive around their busy schedule is for people ready to step outside and get results with a fun and effective 45-minute outdoor workout.

Our 10-Zone System has been specifically designed to help clients build lean muscle which burns and replaces fat… leaving the positive lasting changes that are wanted.


Body Therapeutix provides you with a detailed training program that includes both classroom setting and on-the-job training at our headquarters. You and your staff will have complete access to our training and operational manuals as an on-going reference for operations as well as the executive team to assist you in the daily operation of the location.


At nearly $30 billion-dollars in revenues, the fitness industry is booming. Body Therapeutix is a simple business model because you don’t need to buy all the expensive equipment in a typical gym and you don’t need a large staff to run effectively. You can experience the dream of business ownership with our proven model and plan of action. The cost of entry is low, and you will have continued support from us, form the know-how on running your Body Therapeutix to the marketing of your franchise.


Our concept is adaptable and customizable to the franchisee. Body Therapeutix will be offering an indoor as well as an outdoor model. There is a set price for equipment packages on both models and the interior walls would have its own unique decor showcasing our culture and brand through various artwork and motivational words. We also offer a protective territory giving you no competition with other franchisees and allowing you to maximize your profit. Investing into Body Therapeutix does not mean you need any fitness experience, we’ll teach you how to find, hire, and train a great staff.