Come on girl! Don’t just sit there, get up and do something!

Those words were like a slap to the face.
It was my first day training and it was horrific. The extra weight that I had gained over the last year was even more disappointing than I thought. Not only did I hate how my face gets round and fat or the feeling of the waistband […]

7 Reasons Why Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together

I feverishly dangle from a pullup bar on a weekly basis. My husband’s voice always ringing in my ears. “Just pull yourself up.” Right…JUST pull myself up. At this point, straining every muscle in my body, I was more likely to blow out a lung. But today was different. I […]

The Body Therapeutix Beginnings

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Body Therapeutix Beginnings
Who Is Jason Meland?
When I was working as a firefighter, In October of 2009, I was electrocuted in a house fire while performing a search and rescue.

As we were crawling beneath the smoke line, I was reaching out for a doorway and my hand hit a dryer which sent a 220-volt electrical current […]