“It’s the support and the changes in my physical body that continue to drive me to reach my fitness goals.”

Every month at Body Therapeutix we LOVE to highlight one of our amazing members for their commitment, consistency and results. This last month we our spotlight is on Vanessa Giraldo!

Vanessa is such a great example of the great results you can achieve when consistent with your workouts, and have patience working through the healing of an injury. She has lost 9 inches and 9 pounds! We are super grateful to have her as a member of the BT family.

Read how she did it in her own words…

Hello everyone! My name is Vanessa Giraldo and I started my journey at Body T back in March 2018. At the time I was recovering from an ankle surgery when I was given the greenlight to resume working out again by my surgeon. Prior to my injury I was working out at a boot camp in Hialeah and really enjoyed the outdoor experience versus the box gym.  So, I started a google search for a similar outdoor fitness concept closer to home.  That’s when I stumbled upon Body T.  After reading some of the reviews and testimonials online I decided to try out myself.

 From the very first moment, I felt welcomed by Jason and Angel. They worked with me through my healing process and Angel provided me with alternative workouts when I was still unable to jump, stomp, or run. That alone gave me the confidence and motivation to continue. I still remember the first time I was able to jump, skip, hop, and run and it all happened at Body T which cemented my continued membership at Body T!  Not only have I felt supported and encouraged, I have also learned plenty of nutritional tips and was given a meal plan to kickstart my weight loss. Although my journey has had its up and downs, I can tell you I have seen some progress.

 I definitely feel leaner and stronger. I can see some definition in my muscles, I have lost some inches and I have learned to feed my body better although sometimes I still eat what I know I shouldn’t lol. But to be honest, it’s the support and the changes in my physical body that continue to drive me to reach my fitness goals.  Anyone thinking about joining I say give it a try! Fitness is a journey and a lifestyle. As Jason sometimes would say, focus on your one percent daily and watch it add up! 

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