Member Spotlight – Lisa’s Story

I am so excited to share with you our February Member of the Month!

Lisa K. has been a Body T member for just a couple month but has shown what it takes to achieve goals. She has demonstrated perseverance, commitment to herself, and the willingness to want to learn & implement new healthy habits.

With […]

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Member Spotlight – Maria’s Story

I am super excited about January’s member of the month at Body Therapeutix. Maria R. has been a true inspiration for all the people around her. She is a hard working woman, mother, and wife. She has shown that true commitment to your health can pay HUGE dividends. We are so grateful to have […]

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Build Lean Muscle, Lose Fat Checklist

Part of the philosophy I’ve ingrained into Body Therapeutix is to create positive lasting habits into each one of our members. I am so passionate about helping people in our community change their bodies and health for the long-term.

However, I know one of the hardest things to do is to develop a new habit.

Starting […]

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5 NEW YEARS RECIPES to Help You Jumpstart Your Fat Loss Goals.

Can you believe we’re already 15 days into the New Year! Have you created a plan of action to achieve your 2018 goals yet? If not DO IT NOW 🙂

So, one of the biggest questions I get asked by clients is, “What are some healthy recipe ideas that are simple to make?” and “How […]

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Jason’s Fitness Success Habits

As we all know, the secret to success in any goal can be found in our daily habits and actions.

Have you heard the saying “You have to become the person you want to be”.

If you want to be healthier, fit, and toned. What does a healthy, fit, toned person do daily?

What daily habits and […]

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Member Spotlight – Delana’s Story of Success

Here’s how Delana, a busy professional & hard-working mom, lost 45 lbs in just a few months!
Delana is such an inspiration and the reason why we (fitness coaches) LOVE our job. She has overcome many obstacles such as time, motivation, and accountability to accomplish her most recent fitness milestone of losing 45 lbs, gaining […]

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25 Tips to Fighting the Holiday Bulge

25 Tips to Fighting the Holiday Bulge
1. Start your day strong with a healthy breakfast. If you don’t, you will tend to overeat the rest of the day. Good rule to follow: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper.

2. Curb your appetite. Drink a glass of water […]

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3 Healthy Holiday Appetizers

Let’s face it…

Eating healthy during the holidays can seem impossible at times. Between having family in town, people bringing delicious treats into the office, and even our family/friend gatherings, there seems to be just an abundance of food!

I know first and foremost, I personally did not eat very healthy this past week (yes, even […]

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Client Spotlight – A Story of Success

Client Spotlight – A Story of Success
Meet Michelle Paredes one of our AMAZING members at Body Therapeutix.

She is our Member of the Month at Body T!! She has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, it’s incredible!

Here is her story and amazing journey…

“I found Body Therapeutix last year in Jan thru […]

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Spaghetti Squash with Bacon, Spinach, and Goat Cheese

I’ve had a lot of you asking me about what to do with spaghetti squash…

So I pulled a recipe out of the 2018 challenge recipe book (spoiler alert lol)

This is an absolute must-try if you are looking for a healthy, nutritious flavorful dish.

Enjoy 🙂

Spaghetti Squash with Bacon, Spinach, and Goat Cheese (servings 2)

1 medium […]

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