Body Therapeutix Fitness Franchise Offers Our Nation’s Heroes’ An Opportunity To Own A Location For A Fraction Of Normal Cost

The American Dream

(written by Jason Meland)

I can remember vividly….

When I first joined the fire department, I was super excited.

I had to opportunity to help protect our community from danger. At the time, it was a dream come true.

In fact, I was so excited as a newbie fireman, that my chief called me “puppy”. He said that no matter how much I failed, that I would get back up and excitedly to do it again until I succeeded.

One of his quotes about me has stuck with me through the years. He said, “Jason will fail 7 times, but on the 8th he will be the best in the business at it.”

This rang true for me when I left the department to start my fitness business. I failed… A LOT!

I had NO car and was riding my bike around the local parks at the time to have ZERO clients show up. There we’re times when I would legit break down crying in the park. For someone with -$200 in their bank account at the time, NO show clients we’re like a jab to the stomach.

But I persisted despite my constant failures.

I was kicked out of parks by the city when I first started (before the outdoor fitness center). I was threatened by local businesses that didn’t accept me. People said my Outdoor Fitness Center concept would not survive more than a year and that I should go find an indoor spot.

But I persisted despite the nay-sayers and my constant failures.

I just kept remembering my chief’s quote. I was actually counting my failures in hopes of getting to that magical 8th.

Each new member that joined was a HUGE MOTIVATOR for me.

And I used each member as a positive light that kept my driven towards my vision.

The fact that people trusted in me and believed in my vision was enough to push my past those dark times. I didn’t want to let my members down. I didn’t want to let me family down.

Fast forward to TODAY.

We are luckily enough to have a super successful business with AMAZING members and a tribal community. We have a strong team that supports our members goals and airtight systems in our business that make it scalable, so we can continue to see future growth. And the best part…

We get to make a MASSIVE impact in our community every single day! Our big vision is to positively impact 1 Million people. This is the reason we chose to franchise.

Now that we are franchising our business, I wanted to do something special for ALL the firefighters, police officers, military, and veterans… for ALL our National Heroes.

Our nation’s heroes fight so hard to protect the AMERICAN DREAM. I’ve decided to help them live their own version of the American Dream.

Now that I’m in a position to do something, I wanted to offer our nation’s heroes an opportunity to OWN their own successful business. I’ve decided to give the first 10 a chance to run a Body Therapeutix fitness business for just $500/month instead of our standard 6% royalty fee.

This opportunity means they can invest in their financial fitness, continue to make a HUGE impact in their communities, and feel the satisfaction of being successful and owning their passion.

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