Body Therapeutix Beginnings

After leaving the fire department, Body Therapeutix founder Jason Meland started running boot camps in local parks while also working as a personal trainer in a big box gym. The problem was that most people weren’t able to sustain the HIGH cost of personal training and would stop after a few months only to gain weight again. Former clients would reach out advising that without the guidance and motivation, the box gyms were boring and monotonous. He knew what he needed to do, and left the box gym to focus on the outdoor fitness program and invited those former clients to join.

At the time, he only had a few cones, a couple set of weights and 30 loyal members. The boot camps started to grow; however there was one issue. People were always late! So he decided to buy an interval timer and stay open in four hour blocks, allowing clients to arrive around their busy schedule.

The Outdoor Fitness Center just clicked! People loved the concept of being able to workout outdoors and not having to make set class times while still having the guidance of a certified trainer AND without the crazy high prices.

The mission was simple…to positively impact the community by empowering people to reach their fitness goals and live healthy lifestyles. What started as an idea, had turned into an outdoor fitness movement.

There are now over 300 Body Therapeutix members and an AMAZING community of like-minded people. The Outdoor Fitness Center is more than a boot camp. It’s a creative and structured outdoor environment. We are now able to help people of ALL fitness levels reach their goals in a fun, unique and convenient way.

Our Team

Body Therapeutix is the dream of two entrepreneurs devoted to fitness, health and to living life to the highest standards in every aspect who have always delivered more than expected. They are Jason and Jared Meland, two men that have served our country.

Jason Meland - CEO and Co-Founder of the more than an Outdoor Gym in Pembroke Pines, an outdoor fitness center

Jason Meland
CEO and Co-founder

Hi, my name is Jason the founder of Body Therapeutix. Back when I was working as a firefighter, I saw myself and fellow crew mates slip into bad eating habits and poor fitness while at the firehouse. I knew we needed to get back into a healthier lifestyle, but I was confronted with the challenges of limited time and lack of motivation.

So I went outdoors with a few crew members and started doing some of the fitness routines that motivated me to get fit when I was younger. The others saw how rejuvenated we were after the workouts, and soon the whole department – including their families and friends – joined in the outdoor fitness fun.

After I left the fire department I saw the same challenges of time and motivation preventing the average person from reaching their fitness goals, and stale big box gyms were not the solution. I wanted to bring this same impact I had at the firehouse to all people in our community, regardless of their fitness level. This sparked the idea of going beyond an Outdoor Gym in Pembroke Pines to have a great Outdoor Fitness Center, and in 2013 Body Therapeutix was born.

At Body Therapeutix we don’t just learn your name. We learn your needs and personalize your workouts so you can reach your goals in a fun, fast, and effective way. That is why our members keep coming back for more.