I feverishly dangle from a pullup bar on a weekly basis. My husband’s voice always ringing in my ears. “Just pull yourself up.” Right…JUST pull myself up. At this point, straining every muscle in my body, I was more likely to blow out a lung. But today was different. I grabbed ahold of that bar and did just that. I pulled myself up. I couldn’t believe it. I did one pullup. I felt strong. I felt proud. I felt sexy tough! You know what I am talking about. Instantly in a better mood, I wanted to share the news with the one person who would understand how hard I’ve worked. My husband! For three years now he and I have trained together for individual goals and numerous races. We have learned how to support one another, push one another and more importantly not kill one another in the process. Training together has made us a stronger couple (physically and emotionally) and it can strengthen your relationship too.

When is the last time you wanted to impress your significant other?

Did you know that most people tend to push themselves harder when they feel like they are being watched? The same goes for your spouse. When he is watching, you are more attentive to your form, more purposeful with your movement and you push yourself to the limits. In return, you feel confident, strong, sexy tough! Your significant other notices! Confidence is attractive. Your accomplishments put you in a better mood as those feel good endorphins rush through your body and he has a new found respective for what you can accomplish. Together you are proud of your accomplishments and your new confidence is definitely something he notices!

Working out together strengthens your emotional bond.

Let’s be real for just a second. There is nothing like a hellish day at work to dampen the mood. The only thing you are excited about bonding with is the couch and the last thing you want to be is chipper for your man when he gets home. Instead of opting for the couch, go on a workout date. Several things happen here. First, no phones, no television, no emails. It is just you and your significant other. Secondly, you are communicating as you push each other to go farther and push harder. Lastly, you are working together towards a common goal. Take a Body Therapeutix workout for example. Forty-five minutes of one on one time while you cheer each other on to do that last rep or beat the clock. Be it shouting out words of encouragement, to commiserating about how that plank hold feels like an eternity of pain, you are working together. Communicating and celebrating accomplishments while creating an irreplaceable bond.

Working out together makes you accountable

Getting back in shape isn’t easy. It is even harder when you and your hubby aren’t working out together. Your dieting and he is not. You have to hit the gym and he is pants off and legs up on the couch. Nothing makes you want to quit more than that. When you train together it is easier to work towards a healthier lifestyle as a couple. You have both worked out hard all week and don’t want to derail that with poor food choices. You are accountable to each other and therefore accountable to yourselves. Your goals are easier to reach and you have a great partner to push you to the finish line.

Having your spouse as a workout partner provides built in encouragement

Working out with your spouse provides a built in cheer system. He has watched the daily struggle of working up to those 25 lb. dumbbell chest presses. You would have never even approached the idea of holding 50 lbs. of dead weight over your beautiful face had he not offered to spot you. Not only is he there for structural support, but he is there for emotional support, encouraging you to do one more. Later, when you reach that goal, he and only he knows how hard you have worked. He has been there through every teeth clinching, nose scrunching, sweat inducing press. Your biggest cheerleader until the very end. A breathless high five is priceless when you have your man cheering you on.

Enjoy that workout rush together as a couple

It is no secret that working out builds confidence. Nor is it a secret that working out improves energy, increases enthusiasm and improves your outlook. As you become stronger and faster, your self-worth reaches unexplored heights. Your body is stronger and you are loving the results. Add your spouse to the equation and the two of you are ready to take on the world! One of my favorite sets of clients is a husband and wife team who turn into kids during their workout. You will commonly find them giggling through wall sits and poking competitive fun during relay races. They are having fun while working out (who knew?!) and reigniting excitement in the process. After your Body T workout, you will both leave feeling accomplished and ready to catch that second wind.

Working out together teaches you to communicate

We all know how to communicate, that is probably how you ended up together in the first place. That said, as life progresses, things become busier and the dialogue stops. Normally it turns into a side glancing monologue into the mirror as you fold the laundry, by yourself, with no help…again. This is where working out together comes into play. You learn how to recognize and speak to one another during times of stress. Throughout your routine workout, you are pushing your body. Stressing the muscles so that they can rebuild stronger. You and your significant other learn the type of motivation that the other needs. You learn how to say just the right things to push for peak performance. Working out together teaches you to key into your partner and say just the right thing at the right time. You are a team! This converts into the home as you work through common goals together. Whether getting the kids to go to bed, giving the dog a bath or folding the laundry, the team building you have done in exercise communicates over to life.

Ooo La La

That’s right. That special alone time increases too! Don’t be bashful, it is scientific. Exercise increases symptoms of arousal. The sweating, the racing pulse and breathiness sends out the “Let’s get ready to rumble!” message to your entire body. Add those feel good hormones that release during exercise and you feel like a million bucks. You are confident. You feel strong. Your lean, toned body is peaking through and you are loving it! You are sexy tough and you know exactly who you want to share it with! Is that a tricep peeking through or are you just happy to see me?!

Test my couple’s workout theory out for yourselves and see the results! Bring your spouse to the next Body Therapeutix workout and starting reaping the benefits both in the house and our outdoor fitness center!